Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW! I have readers! :-) (And that means YOU!)

What a cheery little surprise, just before turning in for the night, to discover THIRTEEN g-mails from you....my devoted blog readers. :-D If you wondered why I wasn't responding, it's because I had no idea that you had written! (I never remember to check my gmail acct.) And why the picture of this lovely GA crepe myrtle? Well...just because. :-) I guess because it's a nice cheery reflection of how I feel inside now, thanks to all ya'll. So, for those who asked me questions, I'll try to respond to those tomorrow, OK? And, to make sure that I don't miss your mail anymore, I went ahead and changed my blog email to our Yahoo acct. But, now, it's "pumpkin hour," so I'll be a good little girl and hit the hay. Tomorrow I'll tell ya'll about the visit we received tonight from a leader of the church where the kids attended VBS 2 weeks ago. :-)

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