Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hangin' out with Elysa Mac & fam

What a blast, even if it was WAY too short! After 3 yrs. of getting to know Elysa, from the FiveInARow boards, via hundreds of "Bracelet Babe" emails (that's our little Yahoo prayer/fellowship group of a half dozen FIAR gals), I FINALLY got to meet her IRL, along with her hubby and 6 of her 7 children. They took their oldest daughter to a missions team training camp not far from here and then spent the night (and half of the morning) in our home.

Notice where Elysa is sitting in the next shot. Yes, that is my computer chair, and yes, she was on her Facebook page and the FIAR Forum ...LOL...but only for a minute. :-)

And here's the whole gang, minus the hubbies.

The 4 of us adults yakked and yakked until after midnight, and we cooked about 40,000 pancakes in the morning. LOL! All the kids hit it off with each other immediately, and they've been moaning about missing their new friends from the moment they left. They already want to know when we can get back together again, and I even caught Roy looking up hotels and tourist attractions in Birmingham, AL, which is about halfway between our homes. :-) It's so good to connect with other like-minded believers. And it was fun to compare our experiences as parents and spouses and discover how much we have in common. In every way, it was just a delight to have the "Macs" with us. Come again, ya'll, any time! :-)

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  1. Angela, thanks for the fantastic hospitality, sharing your terrific family with us, and the 40,000 pancakes. It was a real blessing!

    Love you SO much!!!!!