Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life as a Real Mom

Well, it's been over 2 weeks now since I deactivated my Crackbook...errr...Facebook page, and I must say, despite a few panicky moments of withdrawal, it has mostly felt really good. My kids seem to like seeing my face more than the back of my head, and they especially like being able to get me to leave the house and take them to places like the playground, the pool, and VBS. We even went to Nashville as a family for the weekend, to stay with some friends, and I didn't have to worry about leaving behind my other "family." Of course, I did sort of squeal and jump up and down a little when I saw my friend's Facebook page, but I quickly got over it. :-p I was much more interested in her hot tub. Ahhhh! GOTTA' get me one of those someday!

Another huge change in my Facebook-free life is that I'm now HAPPY to go to bed at a reasonable hour, and often at the same time as Roy, which used to NEVER happen (after taking an evening walk with him, which also never used to happen). And that means that I wake up at 6 or 7 AM, refreshed and able to spend some quality time with Roy in the morning. With my brain and body functioning at that hour, I'm able to serve him by fixing him some breakfast & coffee, making sure he takes his supplements, and packing him a lunch. And, I'm able to do all this without feeling jittery inside, just dying to be done with it and waiting impatiently for him to leave so I could get back to my "real" world. (So sad.) I really think my life on the computer had become more important to me than my life as Roy's wife, not to mention as the mother of 5. And it's just such a relief to have my priorities back where they belong.

In other news, Bolivia is about 3 weeks away now. And since I've come "back online" as wife and mom, I'm feeling a growing sadness about leaving my opposed to leaving my computer. However, I'm excited because it looks like our team is going to have the opportunity to reach out to some prostitutes, and that's a ministry that I feel strongly about. I've already been "talking" to them (in Spanish, of course) in my head, making sure that I remember the words that I'll be wanting to say to them. I consider it a great privilege to tell women in that situation about the merciful love of God that was poured out for them on the cross, and that they don't have to live in shame or bondage anymore...that simply believing that Christ's sacrifice was for THEM personally will free them from their guilt and perhaps even from their drug addictions, which fuel the need for their lives on the street.

Plus, as a bilingual homeschool mom, I'll be in a unique position on this team to come alongside the women who work in the orphanage (in the Amazon jungles of northeastern Bolivia) and encourage them in their tireless work. I can empathize with their feelings of being burnt-out and act like a cheerleader, reminding them of the eternal significance of what they're doing. So, my "job description" there will go far beyond lovin' on little Bolivian children, as much as I'm happy to do that, too.

But, now, I'm going to go love on my own little children. Que Dios les bendiga. (God bless ya'll.) :-)

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  1. Boun giorno Angelina,
    My computer is a gift because I am able to read your wonderful posts! Sounds like the Lord is doing much in your life right now and how exciting is that?!
    I am also excitied about going down the street today to extend God's love and Truth and yes, hope to the woman who come to the Hope Center. Such a priviledge.
    Have a great day with your familiglia and the Lover of your soul <3