Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Productive Family Project (with a LOT of help from my mom)

In our 12th year of marriage, we finally did it: we planted a garden! OK, truthfully, my MOM and Abby mostly planted the garden, with my mom teaching us along the way. The rest of us just played supportive roles. And, even though my "role" was pretty small, I was proud of myself for just walking outside, braving the bugs, and getting my hands dirty. LOL. As for's just say, my muscle tone leaves a lot to be desired. I got nowhere with that. But, I felt much better when even Roy and my dad had trouble and declared that patch of ground to be full of rocks and not worth the trouble. Whew! And here I thought I was completely worthless. :-p

Of course, Trevor LOVED the dirt. :-)

My mom and Abby planted about a dozen tomato plants. And now, they're about 3 feet tall and carrying babies. I can't wait for that juicy redness. Mmmm mmm good.

All that was in March. Now, it's June and we're enjoying a steady supply of lettuce, basil and cilantro (although I accidentally let the cilantro go to seed....bummer).

We had our first batch of yummy beans this week, as Abby is proudly displaying. It's just a glorious thing...participating in the creative, life-giving work of God. Yes, I must say,
gardens are great!

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