Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Friday, another Five In A Row friend

So, last Fri./Sat. it was Elysa and fam. (from Mississippi). This Fri./Sat. it'll be Heather & fam. (from Michigan), making a quick visit before they head to Malaysia for 2 yrs. (on the same day...July 11th...that I fly to Bolivia for 2 wks.). We're so excited! Here's a pic from 2 yrs. ago, when we stayed in a hotel together near the Creation Museum.

I can't wait to see how much the boys have grown! I just hope Kyle isn't too upset if Alayna is a good bit taller than he is...LOL. Check back in a few days, and I'll post pics from this visit. :-) This is Kyle between the girls the last time:

So, tomorrow, we shall see what 2 years have done. :-)

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