Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrating 6 years of Trevor with a bang!

Six years ago on the 6th, we welcomed our first son into the world, and within a year, we knew one thing for sure about him: Trevor was destined to become a drummer. Even before he could walk, he would drag his Little Tikes snare drum across the room to set it up on the floor in front of a set of bongos and proceed to beat out complex, steady rhythms on all 3 drums in perfect time to whatever music we played.

As the years went by, Trevor's passion for drumming only grew. A constant sound in our house has been the pounding of pencils, wooden spoons, or any other straight, hard object on the table, the couch, the floor, the counter, etc. Usually, I haven't been too annoyed by it either, because the rhythms are so fascinating.

So, when the opportunity arose last month for some super-cheap drum lessons for him, we went for it.
The first week, his teacher's mouth dropped open as she watched him unleash his inner music on her full-sized drum set. And, by the 2nd week, she said, "I never tell parents to do this so soon with a brand new student, but you need to get this boy a drum set in his size!"

This recommendation was good timing, too, just a couple of weeks before his B-day. So, with a lot of help from all the relatives, we commemorated Trevor's 6th birthday this weekend with one big gift: a jr.-sized wine red drum set. (He wanted wine red because he said it's color of Jesus' blood and he's so glad that Jesus died on the cross to forgive his sins.)

You might think I'm crazy, but I decided to put it in the living room. Why? Because I love to hear him play! He played for the longest time while I read yesterday, and it didn't even distract me. And, the greatest blessing has been to hear him singing a new song to the Lord while drumming. He sang of the Creation and of God's supremacy over Satan and of our forgiveness through Christ. Now, that's what I call glorifying God with your talent!

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  1. What a fabulous gift! How great that he's already using it to praise the Lord!