Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Photo Ops from our 1st Week-Long Family Vacation ever

That's right. Our "stay-cation" has come and gone. And it was a blast. Instead of spending our vacation money on gasoline & hotels, we decided to explore the Metro Atlanta area. We went to a lake, a kiddie amusement park, a state park with a famous waterfall, a dollar theater, a dairy farm (for the tour of the plant), and to Bruster's for ice cream! Plus, the kids didn't have to miss their 2 classes at Timothy Ministries on Saturday. (We were very blessed to receive scholarships for the 4 oldest kids to attend a once-a-week private Christian school. They love it! All four of them have a Spanish class, and the 2 oldest have a math class while the 2 younger ones have a science class.)

Now, for some reason, Chick-fil-a seems to enjoy humiliating people who are desperate for a free meal. So, we all dressed up like cows last month and were rewarded with yummy FREE meals of chicken.
Plus, we celebrated Connor's 4th birthday at the beginning of this month, complete with some VERY blue icing on his cake!

Good times this summer. Good times. And now, we're back into the homeschool swing of things.


  1. That last pic is precious! I love how the kids look dead tired, but you're still smiling. What a great mom. :)

  2. Loved the pictures, Ang. My goodness your girls have grown! They look so different from when Emily and Anna were writing to them!